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Nd the Living won by a country mile I enjoyed this book particularly for the uniue use of vocabulary and syntax as translated It kept me going just this book particularly for the uniue use of vocabulary and syntax as translated It kept me going just swim through the lovely sen Blew me away Had no idea a story could be told uite like this An array of narrative threads bound together like a suspension cable and at the core of it all an account of the building of a bridge which brings all of these disparate stories into connection with one another Kerangal manages to make construction work compelling on a linguistic level owing in English also to the translation efforts of Jessica Moore Thematically her characters all having a uniue impetus that animates them and rarely do any of them uite match our tired templates instead each character seems to be asking us something about ourselves not so much about how we perceive the world as how we fit ourselves into it about being in the world and being thrown into it together The first half of this novel is one of the most singular and spectacular works I ve ever read The concept is bold the story of building a huge bridge over a river in a mythical California city the creation of a world that is part real Part Fantasy Without Magical fantasy without magical There are chapters that focus on different individuals involved in the project This is a novel without plot without protagonist on different individuals involved in the project This is a novel without plot without protagonist limits It is a novel about an effort not a person or series of events And the endless sentences the percussive prose the joy taken in technical language are wonderful and very well translatedBut this is hard to sustain The second half of the novel is conventional humanizing the enterprise adding love interests and plot elements that are less integral to the bridge project The language is still there but occasionally it seems inappropriate It s not that the second half is bad in fact many people may prefer it to the first half but I did not find it nearly as exciting as the first half It took me a while to get into this unusual and original novel from French writer Maylis de Kerangal She makes no concessions to her readers and writes in a sometimes confusing and opaue way with long sentences short vignettes rather than sustained narrative and character sketches that only slowly build up into rounded depictions But once I got used to the style I sank into it and found myself almost mesmerised by it What seemed at first to verge on the pretentious a bit too intellectual soon became a compelling and vivid way of writing that completely hooked me The story is about the building of a massive bridge on America s west coast The mayor of Coca is ambitious for himself and his town This bridge is the symbol of all he wants to achieve Workers flock to the site from all over the US and indeed the world It s an American project but also an international one Kerangal lists the other projects some of the key workers have been involved in So although we re in America we could be anywhere Such feats of engineering happen all over the world She focusses on a cross section of those involved here and we gradually get to know them although it must be admitted that we never get to know them enough to feel much empathy There are setbacks inevitably environmentalists ornithologists saboteurs even But the building goes on and there s a well paced increase in tension as the project progresses A slightly surreal feeling pervades the narrative emphasised by the author s playful naming of her characters Diderot Thoreau Ralph Waldo All in all an impressive work of great originality that I look forward to re reading at some point it s a book that merits close attention Breathtakingly vast et encapsulating a variety of modern concerns I read this in the French original shortly after reading Kerangal s excellent R parer les vivants to be published as The Heart next ear What a disappointment She uses some of the same techniues particularly that of telling the story from the points of view from several uite interesting characters But whereas that book was full of credible strongly felt detail this one is confused about where it wants to be a fantasy or a drama based in factI suppose if the book clearly signaled at the beginning that it was about an imagine bridge built somewhere in a California where rivers running to the sea freeze over I would be less annoyed with it But ou must read a long way before Oka Yogi Atma Katha you say toourself wait a minute this just simply can t be. Nie imaginaire à partir des destins croisés d’une dizaine d’hommes et femmes tous employés du gigantesue chantier Un roman fleuve « à l’américaine » ui brasse des sensations et des rêves des paysages et des machines des plans de carrière et des classes sociales des corps de métiers et des corps tout court. ,

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E of both content and construct She s used to being a pioneer in her field and shaping concrete is a way of escaping her past Sanche Alphonse Cameron is the chief crane operator whose job is to place each piece of prefabricated steel within half a foot of where it s to be anchored Told on a sweeping scale that would please John Ford or Cecil B DeMille de Kerangal and her translator Jessica Moore do a marvelous job of bringing the power of the bridge to the printed page Zeb Kantrowitz zworstblogblogspotcom This is a book I bought from the signed books table at the Hay Festival in 2018 translated from French by Jessica Moore it looks in its uniue way at the building of a bridge through the lives history of the people in the city where it s being built those gathering to build it with all the motivations conseuences triumphs resentments it trails in its wake Its long sentenced many comma ed style drew me in from the start as we re taken on a whirlwind trip around the world then back through the decades centuries meeting the different characters involved learning about their backgrounds reasons for being a part of it all the local people vested interests the ecologists the boat business owners operators ornithologists academics studying ancient local culturesThe narrative is fast paced continuous detailed breathless almost at times the different characters stories are overlapping we travel up to a certain point with one person only after a while of hearing about someone else find out where their paths cross it s an appealing way to write read My interest would wane at times then pick up when someone met another character we ve not seen with them before something unexpected happens or there s a new development lots does actually happen there s illicit affairs crazy stunts sabotage there s illicit affairs crazy stunts sabotage industrial disputes tragic accidents sackings on the spot weird shocking events followed by delayed karma for a long time we wonder if the bridge will ever even get builtWe see how entrenched the city had become through its evolution over the ears how its character formed is this about the clash between the old new the new new Just as the old new settlers evicted the original inhabitants who continue to uneasily co habit with them in the resulting volatile city sprawl the global new new industrial capitalists are set on making a killing from them all The bridge starts with the promise of bringing people together the workers from across the world the local inhabitants but in the end it divides them the birth of this bridge highlights the injustices abuses of power in the world some connections are made to leave us with a little bit of satisfaction but I m not sure if these outweigh the message of separation divisionIf the book is "about clashing cultures jarring juxtapositions then this is mirrored in the language which "clashing cultures jarring juxtapositions then this is mirrored in the language which times is so meandering full of new clauses that I got lost in it couldn t really find my way even when I went back started again This slowed me down was frustrating until the translator explained that this was all in the original she had to find euivalent meanings in English for French phrases that were being used unconventionally make sure she didn t lose the jarring or the unusual from the original French text I m glad I read this look forward to finding some by this author translator Maylis de Karangal s extraordinary Mend the Living may well have been my book of the ear of 2017 I was eager to read this too Here is a book that shows the same virtuosic and original command of language the same lack of dependence on what might traditionally be seen as a plot It swept me away with its initial narrative bringing together the visionaries the professionals the technicians the foot soldiers the hangers on the chancers who see an opportunity in the development on a uite enormous suspension bridge in Coca Southern California Some feature often in the narrative Others less so My initial enthusiasm slightly waned maybe constructing suspension bridges isn t uite my thing But as a tour de force giving real insight into the workings of such a project though that certainly isn t the point this is no construction manual as well as tantalising glimpses of often essentially nomadic lives it s as wonderfully constructed as Mend the Living All the same the dramatic interest to be had from the birth of the bridge or the death of a oung man can t uite be compared Me. S moirées arc en ciel ui auréolent les eaux et les plaues de métal taillées en triangle ui festonnent le bordé de la pirogue rutilant dans la lumière dessinent une mâchoire ouverte » Ce livre part d’une ambition à la fois simple et folle raconter la construction d’un pont suspendu uelue part dans une Califor. A Poet of EverythingI am just about to start reading Maylis de Kerangal s latest novel The Heart in the translation by Sam Taylor After hearing about it from the review of a friend I wanted to try her first in French and this was what my university library had It was not easy and I certainly did not understand every glowing word But at the same time I was glad to experience the author s verbal prodigality in her native language For Kerangal is a poet of everything No matter what her subject she wants to write about every part of it everything and everybody that touches it painting them with every epithet every adjective she can find Her words jostle each other on the page chiming clashing sparkling with color and with light It is dizzying bewildering but boy is it impressiveI want to uote uote uote but in which language From the original of course but I offer my own translations after each as a spoiler lest my lame English degrade her lambent FrenchKerangal s subject is the building of an enormous road bridge one of the largest in the world It is clear that she was inspired by the red towers of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco but her project takes place in a California that exists only in her mind The city is Coca situated on the banks of a Large River And Cut river and cut from the sea After visiting Dubai her newly elected mayor known by his nickname The Boa decides to commission a bridge that will put Coca on the map and give it a major port The river is too long and the land too wild for this to be the real California the presence of Indians in the forests of the surrounding hills even suggests South rather than North America But the culture is clearly that of the United States the words of English spicing the text like pepper the pop songs the clothes le jean and les baskets and the trip from the airport Puis elles ont pris une piaule jean and les baskets and the trip from the airport Puis elles ont pris une piaule un des motels ui abondent sur Colfax leurs enseignes rivales d roulant dans la nuit d epais rubans rose fluo ou jaune d or entre les K Mart les Safeways les Trader Joes les Wallgreen les parkings de voitures d occase et tous les hangars de fringues d maru es de la plan te tous les outletsview spoilerThen they found a nest in one of the many motels up and down Colfax their rival signs unspooling in the night in a thick ribbon of fluorescent red or ellow between the K Marts the Safeways the Trader Joes the Walgreens the second hand car lots and all the discount warehouses on the planet all the outlets hide spoiler This is the diary of the birth of a megaproject that will transform the mythical city of Coca into an international port The city is located somewhere between San Francisco Bay and Sacramento It was one of the pueblos established along the coast of California but remained a provincial town Now the new Mayor wants to turn it into a thriving twenty first century port To do so he must build a bridge to the other side of the Coca River that the City is built on The new port will also be on the other sideThe story is a microcosm of how international consortiums go into an area and build something that will change the area forever We have the story of the Mayor John Johnson known as the Boa fighting the PTB powers that be that have been in charge of Coca since its founding and don t want to give up control to some upstartWe see the actual building of the bridge through its management and workers who have to meet deadlines that they have no say in and work under conditions most of us would abhor To save money the Consortium backs the using of as many unskilled workers as they can housing them in what can only be described as hovels Since there isn t a really large town the workers are forced to choose between bars where the prices are jacked up and nothing For those trying to make money to get ahead it could mean eighteen months of grueling work with no respiteThe Bridge itself is the most important character since everything that happens around and because of it has a major effect on everyone in Coca Of course all of the participants in the construction are flawed in their own way and we wonder if this will flaw the project The project manager is Georges Diderot a man described like an old fashion mountain man in size and reputation Diderot has the complex job of coordinating the job and dealing with the personalities of the workers Among the management are Summer Diamantis aka Miss Concrete who s in charg. « À l’aube du second jour uand soudain les buildings de Coca montent perpendiculaires à la surface du fleuve c’est un autre homme ui sort des bois c’est un homme hors de lui c’est un meurtrier en puissance Le soleil se lève il ricoche contre les façades de verre et d’acier irise les nappes d’hydrocarbure.

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