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A hilarious whimsical action packed picture book My grandchild loved having me read this story to him Duck on a Bike by David Shannon is story of a curious duck who tries to ride a bike one day and gets story of curious duck who tries to ride a bike one day and gets attention of other animals during this adventure As the duck rides past the barnyard animals different animals think about this adventure as silly bra I have this book memorized now I think it s my 3 year old s favorite book It has surpassed even Goodnight MoonThe illustrations are worth buying this book for and the story is a bit silly but 3 year olds love silly Duck lives on a farm and decides he s going to ride a bike As he rides around the barnyard gradually getting braver by riding no hands no feet and standing on the seat the other animals take observation and greet him or say non helpful things to him He almost runs over chicken Sheep tells him to be careful Cat is snotty Horse is snarky The only animal that seems impressed is MouseEvery time I read this book I notice something new in the illustrations The frogs hiding in the pigpen sometimes the bell is missing on the bike the goat is eating his own bike s basketI love David Shannon s workAlso this is a great read out loud book I remember reading this three or four years ago to Kindergarten classes Different animals different voices Good for groups of kids or ust one silly kid I ve heard kids ask for this one and finally was able to read it At first it seemed ust OK But as I imagined how I could read it in a storytime with animal noises inflected with what they were meaning I could see how fun this book could be Then I reached the climax And yeah I like this book. One day down on the farm Duck got a wild idea I bet I could ride a bike he thought He waddled over to where the boy parked his bike climbed on and began to ride At first he rode slowly and. .


Duck On A BikeAt times tedious at others Duck decides to ride a bike around the Farm The Animal The other animal it s The book is mostly an animal and sounds book Then kids with bikes show up and the other animals decide to give it a try This particular story provokes the deliberation is it possible one s favorite book and the book one can hardly stand to finish be one in the same If this is indeed theoretically possible Duck on a Bike covers each end of the spectrum fully From the very beginning each page allows the reader to delve into the world of a new and different farm animal From Cow to Horse to Pig to Mouse the different voices and sounds create a beautiful symphony of bewilderment and adoration for the ever talented duck for whom this book is titled that is until those obnoxious kids ruin the story by riding their bike right through the last few pages From that point on there are no new animals no new sounds The symphony turns to a disjointed cacophony and no matter how uickly or excitedly Mama reads the meaningless words it does not make up for the fact that she is no longer making hilarious animal noises So yes this is my favorite book But don t bother with the last three pages No ust no no When the children all put down their bikes the animals faces are priceless Another adorable invention by David Shannon one of our families favorite authors A duck on a bike riding past large and colorful barnyard animals got the attention of not only my 5 yr old but my 3 yr old twins as well This book had a little something for everyone a Second David Shannon book today I can see why his books are beloved I really want to read his No Dave books. So Duck rides past sheep horse and all the other barnyard animals Suddenly a group of kids ride by on their bikes and run into the farmhouse leaving the bikes outside What will happen now. ,
A lot now72010 72210 Both preschool groups enjoyed this book I was able to get the animal noises ust right which was fun for me The chatty Tue group talked over me here and there but the which was fun for me The chatty Tue group talked over me here and there but the group seemed caught up in the book3812 I put this in the middle of my age 0 5 impromptu storytime It worked well I didn t remember about making animal noises But when one kid in the group said moo with the cow I had the kids oin in on the rest of the animals They were totally getting ahead of me with that But they They were totally getting ahead of me with that But they it and no one was distracted by that They loved the end with all the animals on the bike I think I shocked them with my sheep and goat impressions It s nice to have a talent somewhere ha ha32812 Since I already had the book checked out I decided to add it to the Duck theme I was doing This time I started right out with the animal noises Aside from all the animals riding the bikes I think making the noises was their favorite part91714 I had a mostly new group today They ve been doing Toddler but they wanted to try out preschool They did well though a bit young But in their uiet unsure ways they still participated when I asked for animal sounds I think that was a great way to introduce to them how I do my stories9716 Used as opener in Trip to Farm preschool theme They kids enjoyed it A lot of newbies and they all did well21418 Used in F theme for Farm Smiles from the kids Only one or two oined me in waving at each animal A duck decides to give bike riding a try and by the end of the book he has inspired all of the barnyard animals to oin in The ridiculous sight of various animals riding bikes makes this worth a read Cute. He wobbled a lot but it was fun Duck rode past Cow and waved to her Hello Cow said Duck Moo said Cow But what she thought was A duck on a bike That's the silliest thing I've ever seen And. .

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