[PDF/EBOOK] Mad Mary Lamb Lunacy and Murder in Literary London author Susan Tyler Hitchcock

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Mad Mary Lamb Lunacy and Murder in Literary London

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Ading aloud to yourself or as it chances to some single person listening More than one and it degenerates into an audience Books of uick interest that hurry on for incidents are for the eye to glide over only It will not Do To Read Them Out I Could to read them out I could listen to even the better kind of modern novels without extreme irksomeness from DETACHED THOUGHTS ON BOOKS AND READING Charles Lamb Although informative this account of the life of Mary Lamb and her brother Charles was far dry than it needed to be I had a hard time keeping my attention focused on the narrative and often wished that there were supplemental material about the time period than was provided The subject was awful caught with a knife right after she stabbed her mother Non contested conclusion Forget the Lizzie Borden saga did she or didn t she this gal should have gotten an eye for an eye I don t care how literate she turned out to beAnd the book The writing was awful twisted round a bout unclear on and on and on ugh This whole thing could have been condensed to 25 pages or less This the worst kind of biography it forgoes discipline style and scholarship and instead relies on its sensational subject to tell a tale I made it through instead relies on its sensational subject to tell a tale I made it through chapters I am fascinated by the Lambs Life is truly stranger than fiction here Mary the sister went crazy killed her mother with a kitchen knife and wounded her father Charles the brother saved her from a life in the mad house by becoming her guardian though Mary occasionally backslid and had to do stints in asylums throughout her life Mary and Charles had a circle of friends that included Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth collaborated on Tales from Shakespeare and separately published other once fairly popular works They In 1796 a middle aged bipolar woman caring for her elderly parents snapped and mortally wounded her mother leading to a declaration of lunacy and a stay at a private mental institution Eventually Mary is released and her younger brother Charles makes it his lifelong responsibility to care for her This book is the story of their relationship and their budding writing careers Charles lamb is known today as one of Britain s most popular essayists of his generation and is still studied today In partnership with his sister he wrote children s books One a storytelling of Shakespeare s plays has been continuously published since 1807 and will be my nieces Christmas present. Narrative of a nearly forgotten woman is a tapestry of insights into creativity and madness the changing lives of women and the redemptive power of the written wo. ,
Gether Brother and older sister which one was the true caretaker of the other Mary who murdered their mother Charles who forgave Mary and even excused her Mary who may been bipolar Charles who spent many an evening with literary colleaguesand liuor A very fascinating and tragic Charles who spent many an evening with literary colleaguesand liuor A very fascinating and tragic Passages and my reflection Charles Lamb speaking of friend John Rickman the finest fellow to drop in a nights about nine or ten oClock cold bread cheese time ust in nine or ten oClock cold bread cheese time ust in wishing time of the night when you wish for someone to come in without a distinct idea of a probable anybody p 112 In and out of the scene wandered Samuel Taylor Coleridgehe was prone to Coleridgizing as Charles Lamb liked to say dominating all conversation with his fascinating self referential transcendental monologues p 113 from a letter written by Mary Lamb I have lost all self confidence in my own actionsI never feel satisfied with anything I do a perception of not being in a sane state perpetually haunts mewhich as I am so sensible of I ought to strive to conuer p 153 She cycled into irrationality sadly rambling as Charles put itonly loosely connected to the people and world around her p 256 Charles writing about Mary When she is not violent her rambling chat is better to me than the sense and sanity of this world Her heart is not violent her rambling chat is better to me than the sense and sanity of this world Her heart not obscurred not buried it breaks out occasionally and one can discern a strong mind struggling with the billows that have gone over it p 262 This story so fascinating and yet so tragichow different it might have been for Mary today with mental health treatments being advanced And yet that last uote reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend whose son suffers with schizophrenia This year I will walk with her the annual Walk for Mental Health on Santa Monica beach We will walk we will talk and we will pray for those whose lives are sadly ramblingMore uotesMuch depends upon when and where you read a book In the five or six impatient minutes before the dinner is uite ready who would think of taking up the Fairy ueen for a stopgap or a volume of Bishop Andrewes sermons Milton almost reuires a solemn service of music to be played before you enter upon him But he brings his music to which who listens had need bring docile thoughts and purged ears Winter evenings the world shut out with less of ceremony the gentle Shakspeare enters At such a season the Tempest or his own Winter s Tale These two poets you cannot avoid re. Eed to read extensively she discovered her talent for writing and with her brother the essayist Charles Lamb collaborated on the famous Tales from Shakespeare This. Interesting person to learn about but reads very slow and
dry thin scholarship 
Thin scholarship sloppy writing made me put this one down after ust a few chapters Hitchcock seems to have gathered random tidbits into loosely structured Chapters That Don T Seem To Address that don t seem to address of anything in particular Even within the scope of individual paragraphs she loses focus It s almost reads like a dustbin of endnotes This was the most disjointed repetitive mess I ve ever read I came very close to DNF and really wish I had Apparently Charles and Mary Lamb were so delightful they had so many friends their dinner parties were legendary Charles lamb was considered witty some of the greatest contemporary literary minds were their best friends From reading this book I have no idea why The book starts with the fact that poor Mary overwhelmed and put upon by her family stabs her mother to death and periodically ends up *Treated In Madhouses For The Rest Of Her Life Several *in madhouses for the rest of her life Several dedicated to treatment of mental illness in 1790s Read like a poorly organized boring college paper Based on this book I would never want to read anything Charles or Mary Lamb ever wrote I enjoyed this book about Mary Lamb I wasn t all that familiar with Charles Lambs writings only the name I can t see that he was all that witty but of course it was a different time and different humor I did find reading about Mary s madness and how they dealt with it pretty interesting Without knowing too terribly much about psychiatric malady s it was pretty plain that she was bi polar or some such along those lines I m not sure how you murder your mother and not wind up in ail or hanged but they put her in a madhouse for a short period of timewhich started the pattern of her life in and out of madhouses When she wasn t nuts she did accomplish uite a bit Certainly she and her brother hung with some of the foremost people of their day I ve always been interested in Mary Wallstonecraft Godwinand although she was pretty much gone by the point that the Lambs came into Godwin s circle it seems that Mary Lamb was pretty good at getting her own vindication for the rights of women Go Mary I appreciated the research that went into the book and it s written well were it not for the holiday season I would have finished it much sooner because it really goes right along I hadn t read any works by either Charles or Mary Lamb prior to reading this biography of their lives to. After killing her mother with a carving knife Mary Lamb spent the rest of her life in and out of madhouses; yet the crime and its aftermath opened up a new life Fr. .