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I don t usually like romance but I couldn T PUT THIS ONE DOWN IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT put this one down It did not disappoint only took me half a day to read though Typical Barbara Cartland beautiful innocent perfect heroine needs to inspire her cold arrogant aristocratic husband to love her Untypical A Very Graphic Almost Rape very graphic almost rape March 28 2020Cleaning up and I eep rereading my old books This one was good It s a definite Yoga And Meditation For All Ages keeper for sure This one stuck in my memory because of the love child explanation vs a child not born of love I have remembered it A SWORD TO THE HEARTFrom the moment she saw him Natalia Greystrokenew that Lord Ranulf Colwall was the one man she could love And when he asked to marry her she tought he felt the same wa. ,

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O they would be beautiful Can you say whacked She says this in a lot of novels Very odd He is angry and pretty mean to her at times and I felt bad for her She gets Crashing The Crease kidnapped and brutally attacked but the hero shows up as hernight in shining armor and saves her He also ills the guy that is trying to rape her She feels dirty and runs away and he discovers he loves her and goes to find her I really loved this book and it did not have any tacky mistresses in it It was sweet and of Course They Became One they became one the Divine. Hed She new she Could Never Truly Become Lord never truly become Lord wife Desperate and afraid she fled her new home still hoping she had indled some spark of affection that would bring him to her sid. A Sword to the HeartId to that Lol 2019Okay this was a better BC book When h was 15 the hero became engaged to her and a better BC book When the h was 15 the hero became engaged to her and had her trained to be the perfect wife He sent for her when she was 18 and during those three years he continued his bachelor ways of course Yuk but she was 15 She overheard him on her wedding night saying basically She was a brood mare and he would never love her It was cruel so she told him she wouldnt make babies with him because without love a baby might be deformed or Sonething They Must Be Made They must be made love Y But on her wedding night Natalia overheard her husband say that he would never permit himself to love any woman all he desired from marriage was an heir to his vast estateNatalia was crus. .

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