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T two months before I took MY TEST AND THEY WERE DECENTLY test and they were decently but I recommend getting a practice book or something that helps you practice These do not have practice uestions just a bunch of test information and what to xpect on the test which is all pretty straight forward really Goof but not great Keep looking Most of the flash cards have too much info It s like a book was printed out on flash cards Had i known i would have opted for a manual or study guide book instead of these cards which have no table of contents really I can see these working well for some but not for me I LOVE THESE FLASH CARDS THESE ARE THE GREATEST AND BY USE ING flash cards it makes it a game of CARDS IT MAKES IT A GAME OF ARE A GREAT PURCHASE THANK YOU FOR THE FAST DELIVERY Helps people prepare for the GED test and have confidence to help then pass the Gods Crucible exam I really should have paid attention to the negative reviews I purchased these to help my daughter study and found these cards are mostly tips on what one canxpect to find on the GED The informa. Rect sentence usage and reading comprehension Approximately 100 Social Studies cards cover history geography civics and government and conomics Approximately 125 Math cards present uestions with answers covering numbers and operations geometry measurement and data analysis and algebra; and approximately 100 Science cards cover fundamenta. These were all I needed I m green in all zones now so I m ready to pass the test thanks to these cards The little lines on the sides of the cards makes it asy to organize them back into subjects I ve dropped them plenty of times to know if those lines were not there I d probably still be sorting themThey are very The Militant Messiah easy for me to understand I was able to find my problem areas by going throughach subject and studying the cards Which led me to being able to find the right classes I neededI will reuse these in the future to touch up on skills and for my kids A waste of money Poorly Made Writing So Small Hard To Keep Together Not made writing so small hard to keep together not Not bad content if you are selective with cards Too much American Social studies content could do with Canadian These basically just give you suggestions on what to study they do not actually have practice problems They are good for telling you what to study and help you realize what you need to get better at by pointing out your strengths and weaknesses I used mine to study for abou. Test takers preparing for the GED High School Euivalency xam can brush up on their academic skills with this brand new set of flash cards The 450 cards are divided into categories that reflect the GEDs four test #areas Reading through Language Arts RLA Social Studies Math and Science Approximately 125 English flash cards cover grammar # Reading through Language Arts RLA Social Studies Math and Science Approximately 125 English flash cards cover grammar Tion on the few Practice Problems There Are problems there are too long for sight learning I needed pre test material for her to think on her feet during the xam These are not the Flashcards you are looking for I personal don t like this method of learning I thought by it have a online site that claims to help if you need it I was unable to get the help I needed Many of the flashcards are too lengthy and not asy to use as true flashcards It is like they took bits of text and copypasted onto the cards without streamlining I WAS EXPECTING THERE TO BE VOCABULARY OR SINGLE was xpecting there to be vocabulary or single per Card Some Cards Had Several Some cards had several words on a single card Other cards had no vocabulary I also planned on having students uiz one another with the cards These will not work for that purpose They did give me some talking points or areas from which to create a lesson I found the study guide very helpful The practice tests were very useful My wife would ask me uestions pertaining to Mst125 Essential Mathematics each subject I finished She found itasy to pick out uestions to ask me. Ls of biology Earth science chemistry and physics The cards present uestions and answers as well as terms and definitions All cards have a punch hole in one corner to accommodate a metal key ring style card holder nclosed in the card box Test takers can use the ring to arrange their flash cards in any seuence that suits their study needs.

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GED Test Flash Cards: 450 Flash Cards to Help You Achieve a Higher Score (Barron's Test Prep)