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Is not enough to draw you to this beautiful book then glimpses of the three main

In Which Duuette Operated Old Duuette operated old San Francisco and a Paris just recovering from the ravages of World War II should alone justify picking it up Do I have any reservations about Tony Duuette Just one The text whetted my taste for details and insights and I would have loved to have seen a historian join the authors team to expand in particular the contextual descriptions of the mid 20th century social and artistic scene in both America and France TONY DUUETTE WAS A DISTANT COUSIN OF MY HUSBAND SO THIS BOOK MEANT A LOT TO HIS FAMILY IT S A COMPLETE HISTORICAL FOLLOWING OF TONY DUUETTE S BRILLIANT CAREER AND THE SCOPE OF PROJECTS HE UNDERTOOK DURING HIS LIFE A TRUE ARTIST VISIONARY AND SHOWMAN TONY WALKED AND WORKED FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS IN HIS ERA ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO INTO DESIGN SHOULD READ THIS BOOK AS AN INSPIRATION TO THEIR CREATIVITY AND VISIONS AS WELL TONY SHOWED THAT BEING DIFFERENT IS WHAT REALLY GIVES AN ARTIST THE VISIONS TO TAKE PEOPLE TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN DESIGN DisappointingDespite a promising cover and some interesting material the charm of Duuette s interiors and extraordinary garden is often absent in this book It doesn t help that trends in photography of interiors through most of his career favoured harsh artificialighting Duuette s interiors often The Jungle Literature Classics Series lose their magic andook depressingly tacky There are also many blurry unprocessed pocket camera snapshots often blown to full page and many other signs of an undiscerning eye and sloppy editing throughout the bookThe often irritatingly chatty text doesn t add muchFrivolous subjects should be handled with care and subtlety L ouvrage est en mauvais tat couverture d tach e m me si e contenu est superb. Ves including portraits and pictures taken by Man Ray John Engstead Fredrich Dapriche Andre Ostier George Platt Lynnes as well as original sketches designs and texts by Duuette himself With commentary interviews stories and contributions from Liza Minnelli Arlene Dahl Steven Meisel Bruce Weber and other. .
Another great book of Tony Duuette images I personally prefer the junk creations in More is More Tony Duuette and his wife Beegle were two of the most original characters of the century and this book reflects that beautifully in breathtaking photographs of his designs which range from teacups to palaces to tiaras and which are remarkable photographs of his designs which range from teacups to palaces to tiaras and which are remarkable their imagination wit whimsy and vision The book gives the reader a never before seen peek at some of Tony Duuette s most remarkable projects his incredible design talents and his
way of iving Database Tuning life Well acuiring very good Tb Fantastic book heavily illustrated with informed biography It s a design book with great photos and commentary What else needs to be said about it reuires three words before posting this review I think I just did that Enjoy the damn book fabulous Sono rimasta delusanon corrisponde al mio gusto se avessi potuto sfogliarlo prima non avrei mai compratoPazienza colpa m All good Most freuently references to and photographs of the work of Tony Duuette the multi talented artist designer and decorator who passed away in 1999 have appeared in books and articles focusing on fantasy and the baroue in the applied arts In addition because his work was overwhelmingly concentrated on the West Coast many Americans curious about Duuette have found it difficult to access information regarding this egendary figure Until now that is for authors Wendy Goodman and Hutton Wilkinson and publisher Abrams have just issued one of the most beautiful and engaging design books ever This generously sized book 364 pages in ength is full of spectacular photographs reproduced documents and personal remembrances that combine to inspire fascinate and invite the reader to return to both the text and vi. American artist and design egend Tony Duuette 1914–1999 was known for his over the top style in interiors jewelry costumes and set design His clients included Elizabeth Arden the Duchess of Windsor and Herb Albert The multi talented Duuette designed sets for MGM musicals with Arthur Freed and Vincente. Suals again and againTony Duuette is organized into eight chapters The first four flow chronologically covering his Childhood And Youth The Early and youth the early and professional connections that paved the path to prominence the role of the beautiful Elizabeth Beegle Duuette as wife muse and collaborator and the year 1950 1951 that the couple spent in Paris The second uartet of chapters focuses on Duuette s work First comes a ook at His Contributions To Film And The Stage And Then His contributions to film and the stage and then his designs for others Chapter Seven the most visually spectacular in the book and perhaps most recognizable showcases the exotic iving environments that Duuette created for himself and Elizabeth These sites three in southern California and one in San Francicso showcase his signature Vastavalo love of a highlyayered Silent Empire look that drew inspiration from foreign cultures and employed spectacular antiues and many faux finishes Where the acreage was available Duuette s residences also included multiple dream houses which most resemble a fantasist s interpretation of Balinese temples Chapter Eight titled The Do it Yourself de Mediciooks at Duuette as artisan working with both mundane and precious materials to create fabulous jewels accessories and pieces of furniture among other thingsuite possibly Duuette s ove of the exotic of over the top decorating and of formal entertaining will appeal to just a fraction of design aficionados and seem irrelevant in a modern world that moves at a faster pace has a fluid social structure and has abandoned many of the social niceties so important to Duuette Still I am betting that a sense of wonder and fantasy is hard wired into most of us as our enthusiastic reaction to fantastical Christmas window displays theatrical sets and movie special effects suggests And if this. Minnelli and designed Tony Award–winning costumes for the original Broadway production of “Camelot” Duuette was the first American to exhibit a one man show at the Louvre in Paris Tony Duuette is a avishly illustrated book with many ost and never before published photographs from the Duuette archi.

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