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R share of to the instability of the region the previous posters anti american anti Ignore the previous posters anti American anti anti Russian propoganda 90% of reviews are downright hateful and non sensical Not sure how he is scaped detection by customer service for being such a troublemaker trying to destroy seller reputations Anyways this book is a great addition to any coffe table and for the architectural purists it is a joy to read the psychology behind the buildings Enjoy Interessante sorprendente Excellent book Een gew. Hird Way” local architects produced A Veritable “parallel Universe” veritable “parallel universe” modern architecture during the 45 years of the country’s xistence This remarkable body of work has sparked recurrent international interest yet a rigorous interpretative study never materialized in the United States until nowPublished in conjunction with a major xhibition on the architectural production of Yugoslavia between 1948 and 1980 this is the first publication to showcase an understudied but important body of modernist architec. We saw this xhibit at the Museum of Modern Art MoMA and it was incredible and a large scalemovement in all of Europe at that point in time We bought the book after the tour and it is an absolute work of art A really uniue coffee table book The reviewer that went on a tirade against anyone non Croatian is clearly unstable and ill informed The Balkans have been in turmoil for CENTURIES and it is ignorant to point the finger at a single group of people when the Croatians have certainly contributed their fai. In Yugoslavia’s “Third Way” architecture Brutalism meets THE FANTASTICALSUEEZED BETWEEN THE TWO RIVAL fantasticalSueezed between the two rival War blocs Yugoslav architecture consistently adhered to a modernist trajectory As a founding nation of the Non Aligned Movement Yugoslavia became a major xporter of modernist architecture to Africa and the Middle East in a postcolonial world By merging a variety of local traditions and contemporary international influences in the context of a uniue Yugoslav brand of socialism often described as the “T. Eldige tentoonstelling n en heel mooi boek Het is en introductie in wat de modernen hebben teweeggebracht achter het ijzeren gordijn Mooi beeldmateriaal n duidelijke teksten A beautiful coffee table book rich with writing on cultural "aspects of the true neutral country in the Cold War This has definitely inspired a trip or two in "of the true neutral country in the Cold War This has definitely inspired a trip or two in future Immagine belle d Hola Amigos emozionanti Tanta nostalgia voglia di tornare a rivedere di persona Es un libro fantastico Their Words Are Music empezando porl tema los nsayos las fotos una hoy. Ture Featuring new scholarship and previously unpublished archival materials this richly illustrated Publication Sheds Light On sheds light on ideological concepts of Yugoslav architecture urbanism and society by delving into the xceptional projects and key figures of the ra among them Bogdan Bogdanovic Zoran Bojovic Drago Galic Janko Konstantinov Georgi Konstantinovski Niko Kralj Boris Magaš Juraj Neidhardt Jože Plecnik Svetlana Kana Radevic Edvard Ravnikar Vjenceslav Richter Milica Šteric Ivan Štraus and Zlatko Ugljen.

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Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980