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Wow I never laugh so hard this book is hilarious and Lily our MC is the funniest ever lol I also cried when Arruk fell and ended losing Seti and her its aww this is so sad But apart from that I couldn t put my indle fire down I just devoured this book and want Stacy Jones I hope this is a series because I want much It s a beautiful love story and witty and sweet and enough suspense towards the end to make me bite my lip for fear that our heroes and heroines will not make it sighs this is is five star all the way and it s just a fantastic read Great read nothing too heavy I love the aliens they re sweet and adorable A fun read The author showcases great world building talent and imagination in creating this alien planet and its various in What a great take on reverse harem romance and alien romance I loved this book from beginning to end Stacy Jones has created a wonderful world filled with action danger and excitement The planet is primitive than earth but in a large way real Having to work for food shelter and straight survival With this Stacy Jones also weaves a wonderful tale of a young woman lost in so many ways emotional and of course on a strange planet With the help of her men she learns how to survive and thrive in this New And Hostile World and hostile world learns to find herself and to love the men who all have their own emotional issue to deal with and to heal herself with them Great action emotion romance and of course heat this is an amazing book for anyone who loves RH andor alien abductionromance A terrific read This book was a great read Well developed characters believeable aliens and excellent world building The plot flowed well and we were given an insight into what each character was thinking There was no easy way found around the language barrier and the frustrations this caused the main characters was well portrayed as was the way they worked to overcome this communication problem The misunderstandings that arose due to their vastly differing cultures was shown in many ways and the gradual development of the romance was deftly handled I thoroughly enjoyed this book found myself caring about the characters and what happens to them I eagerly look forward to the next book Good storyline Enjoyed the characters And when life gives you aliens get mated Looking forward to no2 I was not expecting this book to be as steamy as it One minute Lily is trying and failing to run her grandmothers farmher last remaining connection to her family The next she wakes to find herself in a cold sterile cage surrounded by monsters with no memory of how she got there Accidentally abducted by alien poachers unsure if she will live or die she is dreading the worst What she doesnt expect is for her captors to dump her on an alien planet to fend for herself Now she must fight to survive the planet or die tryingFrrar Tor and Arruk have been searching endlessly for a mate to belong to someone to finally accept th. As Great character building IMO and the world Was Good Too It Was good too It was reading about their different cultural norms I felt it was explained well It was a good read I find good well written stories which are about than just sex and feature imaginatively alien alien s set amidst a fully realized alien backdrop sci fi romances are hard to come by so I had high hopes for this book Happily I wasn t disappointed This was a very well written and well paced story that sucked me in from the start effortlessly held my attention throughout and left me wanting MORE The synopsis says enough so rather than expanding on it I will simply share some thoughtsFirst off IMO the author did a fantastic job creating her alien species and their home planet The Shevari and their home world were thoroughly patiently and vividly described making it effortless to visualize this story as it unfolded and bringing both the characters and their culture to life As an added bonus it was an unexpected pleasure to discover images of Frrar Tor and Arruk included at the end of the book ensuring one would see them as the author intended them to appear I liked getting to now the heroes all of whom were easy to love well and enjoyed to appear I liked getting to The Lion King know the heroes all of whom were easy to love well and enjoyed seeing the story unfold from their POV It made them feel like real people to me and provided greater insight into their characters and their distinctly different personalities I also enjoyed Lily who I thought made a wonderful heroine She was not only likeable albeit perhaps somewhat naively optimistic but also intelligent rational resourceful andind I loved that she was portrayed as an independent and capable person but also as someone smart enough to recognize when where and who to accept help from The relationship that developed between Lily Frrar Tor and Arruk felt realistic to me one of curiousity and wonder as well as respect admiration and genuine affection They also had fantastic chemistry The sex scenes which thankfully were not too numerous or the sole focus of the story were tastefully erotic and served to show a deepening bond between the charactersIMO this was a thoroughly enjoyable book one I really have no complaints about at all apart from the annoyingly abrupt ending I would not describe this as a cliffhanger per se as we are not left on the edge of our seats but the ending is unresolved If I were pressed to of. Em but they are losing hope The time of cleansing when the great waters drown the land draws near They are on the verge of abandoning their search and fleeing the forest when they spot a strange tiny two armed female They are immediately drawn to her fascinated by her differences but they must act fast to save her life and their own from the coming flood Thousands of copies sold internationally Millions of pages read 2800 reviews onand Goodreads Chosen is the first book in the award winning Chosen Series This New Adult ParanormalFantasy RH is packed full of romance Fer something negative however then there are a few very minor things I could nit pick for example why did Lily s thoughts never stray towards what her future with the guys would look like or the unlikely possibility of her returning to Earth somehow These things crossed my mind as "I read but were in no way something I felt I needed to overlook in order to enjoy "read but were in no way something I felt I needed to overlook in order to enjoy story No I found this a thoroughly satisfying read well deserving of 5 stars I think this book would appeal to fans of Penelope Fletcher Sandra Harris and Michelle Diener etc If you are a fan of this genre then I would definitely recommend reading this book I cannot wait for the next one This was really well written I couldn t help but be drawn in by the amazing alien world and its inhabitants that the author has created So well described and so imaginative I loved Lily and how we got to now her before she was abducted She showed strength and resilience that set the scene for the whole book She is a very intelligent and logical woman as well which showed in her decisions and though processes when she found herself taken and later abandoned in the alien worldThe aliens Tor and Arruk were very well written too I loved the sections later abandoned in the alien worldThe aliens Frrar and Arruk were very well written too I loved the sections their POV and how there was a distinct difference in their thoughts and instincts they were definitely not human Their culture and traditions were well thought out and explained and I couldn t help but love this alien culture who revere their women so wellCan t wait for in this series Excellent will be waiting eagerly for the next instalment Well done on your first release Despite Lily being idnapped by aliens she ends up on planet ShaktiLost and trying to survive she encounters wild life a different eco system that reminds me of Avatar eg wild planet large trees etc I was drawn into their world especially when she discovers 3 males who are intrigued by herTheir discovery of each other despite the language barrier made this story even I just wish it hadn t ended so soon Absolutely loved this book Absolutly Fabulous Loved this book fascinating new world funny interactions and fumbling communication breakdowns as well as a great sense of realism The romance is enthralling and the relationships enticing Love the fiesty heroine and her three suitors each of which are so different in their own right and incrediblly well written More please. Rool worthy heroes adventure and an extraordinary worldIt's so so beautifully written and the relationship development so well done I can't help but 1 keep coming back to reread this series Reviewer There is just something so indescribably compelling about this story and the writing thateeps bringing me back to it over and overReviewer I loved this book It was funny it was sad it was sweet It was everything I love in reading booksReviewer The much anticipated fourth book of the Chosen Series Native is on preorder now Scroll up and one click to start binge reading tod. ,

Chosen (Chosen Series Book 1)


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