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Ghosted: A Novel

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If the The Northwoods Reader roles in this book wereeversed I don t think it would be considered "A Love Story Then We "love story Then we be able to call it what it Packing Double Bedlam Butchers 2 really is A book about a stalker that can t get over a one weekelationship If a man were the main character this would be a thriller or a mystery and it would take a very different probably enjoyable turn I found it to be a little predictablethe big twist that other Yellow Belt Mba reviewers mentioned was the only way I saw it playing out but I like figuring out plots and twists in booksmoviesshows before they happen Sarah isn t a very likable charactermaybe because you see her becoming completely unhinged over someone she just met and being unable to act like the supposedly successful woman she is Iead this in a dayit s a nice uick Waymish read It would be great if you could get it from the library andead it for free vs paying 1299 to be disappointed This book is just silly I had to keep Volleyball Fundamentals reminding myself that the main character is in her 40s because she pines for someone much like a teenager would Some pretty cringe inducing writing too The narrative isepetitive and predictable Disappointing Excellent book gripping until the last page Great summer Ikes Mystery Man read I wish I could give this book stars but I literally just finished this book to get it over with I had high expectations when I ordered it i thought it was going to be a page turning mystery Instead it was a predictable story that at time was soepetitive I skipped through I liked the premis but it could have been better I have to steal a phrase from another eviewlifetime movie Ugh yawn Sarah falls in love with Eddie they have a wonderful seven days together "make plans for the future and thenhe vanishes The harder Sarah tries to find him " plans for the future and thenhe vanishes The harder Sarah tries to find him stranger the mystery becomes She starts eceiving text messages warning her off Someone starts following her Her friends think she s losing her mind And then Eddie finds her But the worst part of the story has just begunThis was a Record Play Pause real. I absolutely loved this book and didn't want it to end Liane Moriarty number one New York Times best selling author of Big Little Lies Seven perfect days Then he disappeared A love story with a secret at its heart   When Sarah meets Eddie they connect instantly and fall in love To Sarah it seems as tho. Ly fun smartomantic mystery and drama It eminded me of early Liane Moriarty in the best possible way It s Got A Great Story And a great story and emotional depth to itI ll also say that I always see plot twists coming and this one shocked me Twice TWO plot twists neither of which I saw at all Wherever you think this story
Is Going You Re 
going You e How did I miss this one Somehow this only came to my attention via social media and I decided to give it a try I am SO glad I did This was so well done with twists I was patting myself on the back about having figured out only to learn I d been wrong Time periods different narrators using social media as part of the storyline If I could stand up and applaud how much I loved this I would just pretend I am Say you meet someone have an amazing connection but thenhe ghosts you Gone What could ve happened Did you know him as well as you thought you had I m not joking everyoneyou will love this book A great holiday The Rage read I loveeading There are very very few books in which I find nothing Goodnight Lung redeemablethat said this is one of themJust about every part of the plot is contrived I am aware that one needs a suspension of belief toead non fiction but events in this story would strain the credulity of even the most naiveI am beyond tired of women being portrayed as being so obsessed with a man that they cannot function normallyI did not find one person in this book to have anything other than a two dimensional character development I did not find one character in this book I could Works Of Sidney C Grier root for or like I found both protagonists to be peopler who I would never want to meet or spend time with ineal life And "I Cannot For The "cannot for the of me understand why the woman would ultimately allow this man into her life when he had so clearly demonstrated such a total lack of any kind of empathy Forgiveness is wonderful and I fully believe in it but I also believe in learning from one s past This means she doesn t have to hate hime or anyt. Ugh her life has finally begun And it's mutual It's as though Eddie has been waiting for her too  Sarah has never been so certain of anything So when Eddie leaves for a long booked vacation and promises to call from the airport she has no cause to doubt him But he doesn't call   Sarah's friends tell Hing like that but I would surely be very cautious about letting someone like that into my life They would have to earn my trust back over a period of time not just instantly But I didn t see much in the way of good judgement shown anywhere in "this bookI found myself eading and ereading passages because I felt that just about every cliche in the book was usedor " bookI found myself eading and Below The Water Line rereading passages because I felt that just about every cliche in the book was usedor variation of it And I was so bored byeading itAlso there were a number of subplots that Holy Smoke H really had noeason for being And absolutely no character development for other people in the bookIt gives me no pleasure to give a book a bad Sar Lacivert Fkeli Adam review especially for a new writer I want to like every book I choose toead But this one was a loser and I felt like throwing it against a wall when I finished it And I am glad that other people enjoyed itI cannot White Fang recommend this book Save your money Had there been the choice ofating this book as a zero I would have chosen to do so I eally wanted to like this book The first section built suspense and the initial plot twist was "A Total Surprise However When "total surprise However when got into the section that was told from the point of view of the manit totally flopped His thoughts feelings and actions were very female and it just didn t work it was as if he was a totally different character The third part was ushed with many loose ends and details left to the imaginationA waste of time and money By far the most shallow book that I have I Robot Dellalba read in a very long time Characters either too good to be true or too vile to be true Drama Hardly Go hum As a first time writer Rosie Walsh s book is an excellentead Her writing is easy going and she builds up the tension uite well even though you know something is coming up as the cover shouts out uite loudly The characters are very well built up and believable The unraveling very satisfying Overall an excellent The Black Wolf Of River Bend read I finished it over a weekend and promptly gifted it to my dear friend for whom I had originally bought it LO. Er to forget about him but she can't She knows something's happened there must be an explanation Minutes days weeks go by as Sarah becomes increasingly worried But then she discovers she'sight There is a eason for Eddie's disappearance and it's the one thing they didn't share with each other the truth. ,