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[Read] ➵ Plugged By Eoin Colfer – Daniel McEvoy is a scarred ex Irish Army sergeant who is now the bouncer at Slotz a seedy small time casino and he has a problem His favorite hostess and love interest Connie was murdered in the parkiRead Plugged By Eoin Colfer Businesscurrencycouk Daniel McEvoy is a scarred ex Irish Army sergeant who is now the bouncer at Slotz a seedy small time casino and he has a problem His favorite hostess and love interest Connie was murdered in the p

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Arki Daniel McEvoy is a scarred ex Irish Army sergeant who is now the bouncer at Slotz a seedy small time casino and he has a problem His favorite hostess and love interest Connie was murdered in the parking lot behind the club And Zeb the dubious plastic surgeon

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PluggedWho implanted McEvoy's hair plugs has disappeared In no time at all McEvoy's got half the New Jersey mob dirty cops and his man crazy upstairs neighbor after him Bullets are flying everyone's on the take and McEvoy still doesn't have a clue about what's happening

DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY Eoin Colfer pronounced Owen was born in Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland in where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother who were both educatorsHe received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford He has lived and worked all over the world including Saudi Arabia Tunisia and Italy After the publication of the A.

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  • Dan Schwent

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedBouncer Daniel McEvoy's life spins out of control when the girl he loves winds up dead his friend turns up missing thugs all over town are gunning for him and his crazy neighbor may be in love with him Worse yet he's going baldI heard Eoin Colfer speak at BoucherCon 2011 and he was so hilarious I had to immediately snap this one up I was not disappointedPlugged is a damn fine adult novel from Colfer much better than the Hitchhiker's Guide seuel he wrote a couple years ago Daniel McEvoy is a great lead character; funny wi

  • James Thane

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedDaniel McEvoy is an Irish ex soldier now living in New Jersey and working as a doorman at a seedy low rent casino His only real friend is the off beat doctor who's doing Daniel's hair transplant Then one night Daniel has to throw an egomaniacal lawyer out of the casino and things take a serious turn for the worse Daniel soon finds himself in the middle of a series of murders and criminal schemes none of which he understands and all of which pose a serious threat to his life and liberty Fortunately Daniel still has serious skills left over from his army days in Lebanon He also has a gift for improvisation that keeps him alive and one step ahead of the bad guys at least for a whileColfer is a talented writer and I'd hap

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedA breezy fast read without a single 50 cent word in the book I would almost say this is a hard boiled noir certainly Colfer amasses a respectable body count but despite Colfer's best efforts he is a nice guy and he had a hard time really convincing me that anything truly horrible was ever going to happen For me the strength in the book was in the characterizations Daniel McEvoy is likable and certainly capable He does get himself out of some seemingly impossible ways with a combination of brute strength ingenuity and luck Zeb KronskiGhost Zeb is one of those guys that is always living on the edges of society providing those services for people looking for assistance at a discount that may or may not be exactly legal One of those guys you want to know but never want to acknowledge you know Detective Deacon is an over the top police detective of proportions and mind She is the other half of the euation in the one true sexual situation in the book though Colfer steps aside f

  • Nicky

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedIt proved impossible to take this book seriously so I didn't even try I'm too used to Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books and in a way this hasn't grown up much from that just in the subject matter and the rating for language and violence It doesn't touch Raymond

  • Jim

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedFor some reason I thought Colfer was a YA novelist put off listening to this book I shouldn't have It was an adult mystery full of humor intrigue McEvoy is a great character with a wonderful back story that's slowly filled in All the characters are memorable the situation is fluid While this book stands well enough alone there's certainly room for McEvoy is just that sort of character an Irish Don uixote in New Jersey Just one little thing leads to another well it was a lot of fun Very well read too Can't wait to get the next

  • Scott Asher

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedWhen I was a Middle School literature teacher I petitioned my Principal to change up the normal reading schedule ditching Red Badge of Courage and bringing in a new series I found at the Scholastic warehouse Artemis Fowl My kids and I were in love from page one so I’ve been a fan of Eoin Colfer for years This book is not Artemis Fowl This book is piss vinegar and vulgarity wrapped in laugh out loud funny PluggedBy Eoin ColferRead by John KeatingOverlook Hardcover AudioGOSeptember 2011Daniel McEvoy is a doorman at a zero star nightclub Slotz in New Jersey Born in Ireland raised in the Army fighting in Lebanon he is one tough bouncer When his wanna be girl Connie is found in the ally behind the club shot dead between the eyes Daniel gets busy looking for the killer Coincidenta

  • Stephanie (Bookfever)

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedPlugged sure was something different from the other books I've read by this author since this one is for the adult crowd And I'm really glad that I ended up liking it a lot though it's not really surprising because it's Eoin Colfer I would read anything by himThis book is about the Irish Daniel McEvoy who works as a bouncer at a crammy club in New Jersey When the girl he likes Connie one of the clubs hostesses is killed is murdered and his good friend Zeb goes missing and possibily killed Dan starts getting into all sorts of trouble I really enjoyed the main character's voice I don't know what it was about him but I just liked reading about Dan I couldn't really help but like him and feel bad for him with all the trouble that was transpiring since Connie got mu

  • Andrew

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedAnd finally I get round to reading the first book of Daniel McEvoy and I wasnt disappointed and as I expected though no surprised it did explain a lot about how the events and characters came to be in its seuel Screwed along with an suitable explanation for the title all I can say is follicle transplants But the book itself is a wonderful mix of action dry dialogue and situations which seem to be driven out of sheer bad luck poor assumptions and just generally being in the wrong place at the wrong time The book has a great way of weaving a story which honestly Daniel had no plan for let alone intention of getting embroiled inEoin Colfer has made a name for himself from everything from YA stories to official Hitch hikers guide se

  • Woody Chandler

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedI really did not know what to expect from this one I saw an ad for Screwed in my copy of Viva La Madness decided to reuest both Plugged Screwed from my local library I liked that it was a uick read especially due to the dialogue that many mention The plot was fast moving easy to follow I just never connected with the protagonist to the point that I really felt invested in the outcome On to Screwed

  • Helen

    DOC õ TEXT PluggedÒ BUSINESSCURRENCY PluggedThe narration for this audiobook by John Keating was fantastic unfortunately it could not elevate what was simply an okay book