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[PDF / Epub] ✪ Henry Ford ☆ Vincent Curcio – Businesscurrency.co.uk An interesting insight into the mind of an American Icon The book has details of almost everything in Ford’s legacy the story of model T invention of the “assembly line” the famous 5 wage with aPDF Epub Henry Ford Vincent Curcio Businesscurrencycouk An interesting insight into the mind of an American Icon The book has details of almost everything in Ford’s legacy the story of model T invention of the “assembly line” the famous 5 wage with a An interesting insight into the mind of an American Icon The book has details of almost everything in Ford’s legacy the story of model T invention of the “assembly line” the famous wage with a day work week and the acuisition of LincolnThe first chapters were absolutely captivating capturing the rise of Ford Some interesting bits“Waste not want not” one could read in a McGuffy Reader and it was one of his lifelong guiding principles In fact it was a mania Everything but everything at the Ford works was saved and utilized to cut costs and make money Wood shavings alone were turned into charcoal briuettes formaldehyde creosote and ethyl acetate; derivatives of coal furnished coke ammonium sulfate and benzol the latter of which was sold in gas stations in the Detroit area at prices competitive with gasoline Even Dearborn garbage was turned into alcohol heating gas and refined oil while Detroit sewage became soap By he was selling million in byproducts per year In all his drive to use or transform every item he found in his factories or elsewhere was responsible for the creation of some industries in his lifetime The abhorrence of waste encompassed much than material things for Ford His objection to war was that it caused waste of civilization and lives Beneath his enlightened labor policies offering employment for all was something similar “That is our business” he told Henry LStidger in “We salvage everything; even men”Ford realized early on that the curiosity about the Model A was intense and dealt with it the way Mamma Rose advised her daughter Gypsy Rose Lee to deal with the same kind of curiosity in Gypsy “Find out what they want and then don’t give it to them”In his youth he had worked with a black man William Perry at opposite ends of a cross saw in Dearborn In he brought Perry to the Highland Park factory and made him his first black employee admittedly s

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And vision but for several of them he was not prepared in terms of background or sophisticated reasoning Therefore he began a series of stumbles that would grow and eventually haunt even the success of a man as extraordinarily accomplished as he His candor and spontaneity could be endearing When a reporter asked him how it felt to be the world’s first billionaire he suirmed in his seat and replied “Oh shit” Robust health and good nutrition were lifelong concerns of Ford’s; far ahead of his time he urged consumption of fruits vegetables and legumes instead of meat and sugar “Most men are digging their graves with their teeth” he admonished” He referred freuently to the works of Luigi Cornaro a th Century Italian nobleman who became completely dissipated through bad diet at the age of then changed his eating habits entirely and lived to Eat and drink only what agrees with your stomach not your palate and eat only small amounts was Cornaro’s advice Such was Cornaro’s advice and Ford heeded it Exercise was another part of Ford’s “clean living” lifestyle which he publicized as an example to others That lifestyle excluded liuor in all forms which he thought of as the major enemy of self control without which a man could not utilize his talents to create success for himself and prosperity for others “Liuor never did anybody any good” he said “Business and booze are enemies” Ford was particularly prescient in his condemnation of cigarettes becoming one of the first major figures to attack the smoking habit by publishing a pamphlet entitled “The Case Against The Little White Slaver” in In addition to what he saw as a dulling of the senses “with every breath of cigarette smoke boys inhale imbecility and exhale manhood” he uite correctly saw that smoking debilitated such major organs as the heart kidneys and lungs There may have been than a whiff of old fashioned moralistic reform coming off his jeremiads against the evils of tobacco and especially alcohol but nearly a century on in the age of smoke free living and bottled spring water replacing alcohol for millions there is still a pervasive societal echo from his pronouncements on these matters

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Henry FordOmething of a showpiece at first to demonstrate Ford’s unorthodox hiring practices But Perry wasn’t just a token for as Ford’s distinguished biographer Robert Lacey points out by the early s Ford had than black workers in his employ and by some ten percent of his total workforce and than all the other car companies put togetherIn little than a dozen years he had managed to turn a plaything for the rich into an appliance for the massesFord was in motion all his life In fact motion ceaseless and ever refined was the guiding principle of his existence Despite this it took him a remarkably long time to figure out what he was going to do As we have seen his first years were inchoate an undecided shuttling back and forth between the farm and the city He was before he began serious work on a motor vehicle before he made a business out of it and before he made a success But even that success was not a mature one in terms of his real goals He knew he wanted to make a vehicle that the masses could afford but it took him until to refine his ideas and develop such a vehicle Then it took him another five years to figure out a system to make and deliver that vehicle to the masses and further to create his dreamed of mass market for it So it was that he was years old when Ford got where he wanted to be in his own life’s project Not that he stopped then Like a hummingbird or a shark he had to keep moving To rest on your laurels was to stagnate for Henry Ford and wasting your time was a cardinal sin For the rest of the second decade of the th Century and the beginning of the next he started a hospital; organized a peace expedition in the midst of a World War then did an about face and became a major supplier of war materiel to his country; began what was to become the world’s largest industrial complex completely integrating it; took over and became publisher of a highly controversial weekly news magazine; lived through a devastating libel case ; saved his company and made it stronger during the worst crisis the auto industry had ever seen; and at last became with his family the sole owner of his vast enterprise He broached all these challenges with his usual energy brainpower