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[Epub] ➟ Surge Author Peter R. Mansoor – Surge is an insider’s view of the most decisive phase of the Ira War After exploring the dynamics of the war during its first three years the book takes the reader on a journey to Fort Leavenworth KEpub Surge Author Peter R Mansoor Businesscurrencycouk Surge is an insider’s view of the most decisive phase of the Ira War After exploring the dynamics of the war during its first three years the book takes the reader on a journey to Fort Leavenworth K Surge is an insider’s view of the most decisive phase of the Ira War After exploring the dynamics of the war during its first three years the book takes the reader o

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Crocker and General David Petraeus testified in some of the most contentious hearings in recent memory Using newly declassified documents unpublished manuscripts interviews author notes and published sources Surge explains how President George W Bush Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki Ambassador Crocker General Petraeus and other US and Irai political and military leaders shaped the Surge from the center of the maelstrom in Baghdad and Washingto

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SurgeN a journey to Fort Leavenworth Kansas where the controversial new US Army and Marine Corps counterinSurgency doctrine was developed; to Washington DC and the halls of the Pentagon where the Joint Chiefs of Staff struggled to understand the conflict; to the streets of Baghdad where soldiers worked to implement the Surge and reenergize the flagging war effort before the Irai state splintered; and to the halls of Congress where Ambassador Ryan

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  • John Crippen

    Download Doc ó SurgeAWC The book includes a fair amount of apologetics for President Bush and his administration and it taught me a lot about the background and implementation of our 2007 2008 surge in Ira from the viewpoint of an officer who was right there during it all

  • Damian Doyle

    Download Doc ó SurgeI was initially skeptical about this book written in 2013 by a US army officer who served alongside General Petraeus during the “surge” in Ira As a student of Middle Eastern history and politics I often encounter outsider’s accounts and no doubt my own work fits into this category that view the region through the lens

  • Frances Johnson

    Download Doc ó SurgeUsing his experience as Executive officer to General David Petraeus recently declassified documents interviews and unpublished manuscripts Peter Mansoor has written a powerful and insightful book on the Surge in the Irai War In the forward of the book General Petraeus writes that author Pete Mansoor is uniuely ualified to write a history of the surge and that he possesses an uneualed combination of impressive scholarly achievement military s

  • Jeremy Pedersen

    Download Doc ó SurgeVery informative and very detailed book that is a combination of an academic military history work and a apologetic for the surge in Ira It shows where military policy failed and then was rescued giving credit to not only GEN Petreas but also the Ira Prime Minister esp In Basra and Pres

  • Dmitry Risenberg

    Download Doc ó SurgeAn insider's account of American counterinsurgency fighting in Ira Describes deliberations behind the Surge strategy and its implementation Includes both the historical narrative with events of the campaign and personal impressions opinions of other people encounters with friends and some good humorThe main point is solution to counterinsurgency is mostly political and armed forces operations are only means although very important to achieve that end and not the end themselves The author reiterates that main points of surge strategy perhaps too many times by the end of the book you already know what he is going to say in the next few paragraphs once he brings up the topic but I find it a minor drawbackTwo very important points were1 The key to success was winning the loyalties of population not by hea

  • Michael Kelley

    Download Doc ó SurgeI though a long time about writing a review for this book It is masterly researched and gives an excellent picture of the surge in the Ira War However I served as an Army Officer retiree recal

  • Paul D. Miller

    Download Doc ó SurgeThe semi official history of the surge written by Gen Petraeus' executive officer Peter Mansoor But don't let that fool you Mansoor has a PhD in History and knows how to write a balanced account He argues correctly that the surge was successful and helped stabilize Ira but he also correctly credits the Anbar Awakening and other factors as crucial in helping bring about the turnaround in 2007 8 No history of the Ira war is complete without some accounting of Mansoor's record which should be considered a vital first draft of history

  • Rob Gregg

    Download Doc ó SurgeExtremely insightful take on what made up the surge and the author’s thoughts on why it worked I enjoyed the detail relating to the Civilian Military relationships and interactions Personally i felt the intro was a bit long and could have done with less “I did this I did that” but overall I’m thankful for the author’s work and am very interested to revisit “The surge” in 10 years to get a perspective on how time has changed on the view of the surge

  • Byron Edgington

    Download Doc ó SurgeHere we have an ultimate insider’s view of the American military strategy in Ira post 2007 According to the author the ‘Surge’ strategy turned the war around from potential disastrous military and even geopolitical defeat in the region for the US into the somewhat stable and potentially viable state that Ira is today Then Colonel Peter R Mansoor was a ground commander in Ira prior to 2007 He acted as General David Petraeus’s executive officer in Ira

  • Vern

    Download Doc ó SurgeVery informative Well written If you are interested in this type of history both military and political you will enjoy the book and appreciate the inside view of the overall war in Ira and particularly the Surge The author does not give his opinion as to the decision to invade Ira but offers plenty of insight on the strategic and tactical decisions made