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Killing For The Company kSpoiler ish WarningAfter devouring Dark Summer then the Summer Night novelette being shocked into a teary mess with the cliff hanger that Summer had died was some how reincarnated into autumni was desperatedesperate for some answers Which thankfully lizzy gave me but turn me into a emotional mess yet againlol Autumn Storm sheds the whimsical teenage naivety of dark summer thrusts both the reader and the chracters into a harsh and painful realityWith Summer s death weighting heavily on his shoulders Decker goes well to put it simply he goes ut Wow Just wow I was thoroughly irritated with miss ford after dark summer Then I lost track of time and found out autumn storm was available I went immediately to Barnes noble and bought it At first I was a bit confused but I caught on uick and couldn t put it down It s the weekend after thanksgiving and I am concerned with reading this book than shopping Anyway as wenow in the last book summer makes poor choices ends up over a cliff In the 15 novella we find out she is alive is in the hospital a deal is struck for a second chance if you want the details you better go buy the books Now to this book I like how Lizzy makes it plausible on how no one recognizes summer I like how dark decker is and I like all the sub characters and how they each have a purpose Lizzy doesn t disappoint 5 stars My G Men Super Sm Z kindle now feels complete this is on it I have seriously spent the past two days being antisocial so I can get up to date on this magnificent trilogy I am addicted If there was a club I would defiantly be a member maybe we can have badges and mugs Everyone loves a good badgeThe first person we meet in this book is Autumn a little coincidental right But as people will work out uickly Autumn is in fact summer but with no memory and a disguise crafted by Beck and Decker s Mom she she can have a fresh start and a chance at writing her wrongs without any outside interferenceAutumn believes she lost her memory in a horrific car accident that has left her with a metalnee and scars over most of her body No one at the school Dame Fortunes Fancy knows the truth about who she is instead it is up to Autumn to make the past right by choosing the right path and passing a magical test Autumn begins to have flash backs of Summers memories but has no idea what they mean she finds a strong connection to Beck and an attraction to Decker but which boy will Autumn choose to trust and let into her life Even as the reader you find yourself torn between teams and notnowing who would be better for herAutumn has grown so much since the first book she is now fiercely independent and not afraid to fight and face her own battles She has already been through so much emotional and physical pain that not much phases her anyI also enjoyed seeing how much Beck has matured and grown into his role of Master of the Light he is much involved in this book then the first and I glad I have had the opportunity to get to now his character betterDecker you can tell is in bad shape he has lost all sense of self wort since Summers death and is dealing with his new role as Master of the Night and Fire in a bad way but underneath it all you can clearly see that he wants to be a better person he has lost all hope and maybe Autumn will be the person to give him that hope I sometimes found it a struggle to comprehend Decker s actions within the book especially when it came to females it was sometimes a little off putting and turned him away from being the Night in shining well black armor Overall another excellent read from the amazing Lizzy Ford Now my only problem is I have no idea when the next book in the series is out but fingers crossed it is soon as I need my next fix now this series is addicting55 again for this series I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI recently read the unedited version of the first book in the trilogy Dark Summer on Wattpad The premise intrigued me and so it led me to the second book of the trilogy Autumn Storm The world building was as impressive as it was in the first further elaborating on Decker impressive as it was in the first further elaborating on Decker fall to darkness The story was nicely paced not too fast not too slow However it wasn t perfect by a long shot For one I would definitely have liked to see development in Autumn s relationships with the others not just the Turner twins I was pretty disappointed to see that Biji appeared as little than a calafare character In addition Dawn seemed too much of a typical antagonist I like complex villians and to be uite honest her mean behaviour seems completely without reason and her motive for doing all that shit is terribly shallow On a positive note I liked The Characters Much Better In This Book Autumn Was main characters much better in this Autumn was wonderful protagonist a nice strong character but realistically portrayed with her fair share of struggles and imperfections Decker I ve liked all along despite his little strong and silent complex the struggle he had with the Darkness was beautifully written and it waa good to see an actual problem instead of just some silly scuffle which is solved within two pages which is uite common I ve realised in YA booksIn summary this was a lovely book that I enjoyed reading very much The world building impressed me the most but the development of the main characters was eually good I ll be looking forward to reading the final installation that s for sure Loved it Autumn was amazing and her mission was almost impossible almost Thank god I m taking one star off because there are still too many loose ends and I feel like we should have been witness to Decker finding out the truth of everything that happened the night Summer fell I hope we can see some of that in the novella or in the 3rd book Once again Lizzy Ford has done it again and written a book that ou just can t put down My only complaint is that I wish the book was longer it ends fairly abrupt leaving cliffhangers like the last books This. A girl with no memory hidden in plain sight A boy with no hope freefalling into DarknessAutumn doesn’t now why she remembers a boarding school she’s never visited or why her reflection isn’t always hers There’s another girl in the mirror a dark haired ghost that emerges one night to guide her to a cliff near the school Only Autumn can’t remember what happened there and why it’s so important Beck’s gentle touch soothes her distress while Deck. Autumn Storm

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Transported me into a world I didn t want to leave There are so many characters and wonderful moments worth mentioning inside the pages of Autumn Storm Biji Summer Tarzan s ghost Sam Rania Michael I fell further in love during this installment Summer s warmth and Autumn s transformation You have the beauty and courage of both This book had me in tears over and over For the broken Master of Dark for Rania and for Autumn who was so much This series is one of my new faves if you haven t started the trilogy you are missing outDecker Summer forever You don t have to ask I m yours Decker she replied firmlyHow can you say that nowing all that you doI went through everything I did to save you Decker I won t lose you now Her voice uivered I can t I m going to protect you from the Darkness I wasn t strong enough before but I am now and I m going to because I love you too much to let you go I was counting down the days hours and minutes for Autumn Storm to be released I read it from front to back in one sitting I could not put this book down so clich I nowbut it is so very true It is going to be hard for me to write a review on this book without giving too much away but here goes nothingAt the end of Dark Summer book one in the Witchling Trilogy the main character Summer was pushed off of a cliff and assumed dead Lizzy Ford released the novelette Summer Night book 15 of the Witchling Trilogy which answered some lingering uestions that Dark Summer leaves you with I think it was an amazing idea it tied everything together making the reader even excited for book twoSummer gets a second chance to prove herself in Autumn Storm but it comes with many risks Summer has lost all memory of her life before the tragic fall she is told that her name is Autumn and that she was in a really bad car accident When she goes back to the school she attended as Summer memories start to come back but she is still in the dark about what is going on or who she really isWe meet all of the characters again but this time in a different light I couldn t get enough of Autumn s new discoveries My favorite characteristic of Autumn is the fact that she is the definition of a fighter She fought back in so many ways throughout the novel she fought through physical and emotional pain and ends up fighting in an epic battle at the end of the bookDecker is back and darker than ever his twin Beck is also back and nicer than ever I was having a hard time choosing which twin I wanted Autumn to wind up with But true love and attraction cannot be denied and Autumn finds herself drawn to the twin she is meant to protectLizzy Ford s writing flows so well and is so very smart one can only respect her ability to write a truly great novel Ford takes Autumn Storm to a whole new level and I am once again highly impressed The second book to the Witchling series I didn t read Summer Night before this book but I recommended that you read it before It was actually reuired since it contained important story line I thought that Summer Night was of the short second book rather than a novella I enjoyed this book better than the first Perhaps because the story was veering toward the magical world and magical problemsSpoilersThe girl named Autumn arrived at the school of Magick If you had read Summer Night you would totally new who she was If you didn t you would got the chance to enjoy her CHARACTER UNVEILED BUT I GUESSED IT WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY unveiled but I guessed it was actually pretty who she was since the very beginning but not how or why The names was pretty much totally clich seasonal Heroine names However the similar naming was handled pretty well into the story so I found it acceptableSo Autumn arrived as new student She was once again picked up by Beck who was then a Master of Light Decker was also a Master of Dark who was pretty much on the path towards his own destruction after Summer died In this book we got to read about others since it was in multiple POVs We also learned of the world and the history of how the Dark and Light came about most of all the important duties of the masters Beck finally grew up somehow and tried to act maturely which was better but he still had a whole long way to go Decker became a total slut another cliche heart broken Hero I didn t like him much then since he practically slept through every females including Alexa the ex that threatened and probably had the part in illing the love of his life and Dawn the pregnant evil bitch ex girlfriend of his own twin That was totally not COOL and I found it very disturbingEntered A blonde haired blue eyed girl named Autumn who let just faced it you totally Das Fnfte Flugzeug knew who she was was pretty much the improved version of Summer I totally cried a happy motherly tear when she finally talked back to Dawn She did grow some spine so I definitely loved her much better as a character than Summer albeit baby step Autumn was plagued with memories and a certain dark haired girl who appeared in her reflection she also had a lot d j vu Obviously when she came upon Decker shenew something was wrong She didn t like him instantly though which was good She acted liked the first time she saw him fearful and suspicious but of course there was definitely attraction Their relationship was expectedly developed faster though Beck was the third wheel in the relationship as usual but this time he actually did invested some feeling in it and had a pretty good reason for it The love triangle was once again appropriate approached It was complicated but short and definitely not that annoyingI actually loved Dawn s character here Her character was clich and totally rotten but she finally transcended from the Mean Girl to evil witch I loved her better as a villain in this second book The fighting scene was much better I loved the story so far than the overall characters The ending to the second loved the story so far than the overall characters The ending to the second was satisfying The overall story was much improved than the first since it focused on it4 Star. Y – drives him farther from the Light until he loses control and begins taking the souls of Light witchlings As the protector of Light Beck must choose between confronting his twin and watching witchlings suffer Decker realizes Beck has come between than him and the witchlings With neither of them willing to let Autumn go they turn on each otherOnly one of them nows the truth Only one of them will walk away unless Autumn can find a way to save them both. Book gave the characters depth You get to see Beck trying hard to assume his role as Master of Light and how this affects him as he struggles to do everything right Through her pain AutumnSummer has developed a backbonewhich you can t help but like this helps her when dealing with everything going down in this book You can she that she s become self possessed I believe the Summer from the first book wouldn t have been able to stand up to Decker like she did o if the author had written it that way I d have been hard pressed to believe it Mostly we see Decker s pain and you just want to take away the pain I may just have a soft spot for grim reaperdeath incarnate bad boys though I would recommend it to others for sure Read the full review in both ENG and RO on my bloghttpvanillamoonblogcom20130216This review may containg spoilers from book 1 and 15Oh my glasses And I thought Dark Summer ended in a huge cliffhanger Compared to this one s ending it s nothing Thank God there s the Autumn Dawn novella seuel I will probably go crazy if I don t find out soon what s going to happenOK Now that I ve had my crazy fangirl moment it s time I shared with you my thoughts about this book First things first If you haven t read anything from this series you don t now what you re missing But if you have already read the first book then I suggest you don t skip the Summer Night novella before you read Autumn Storm so you can enjoy the continuity of the storyThanks to Beck and Rania Summer reincarnates as Autumn to have a second chance to do what s right and importantly help Decker stand up to his Darkness What s really refreshing is how different Autumn is compared to Summer Sure she is the same innocent girl and has the same magical powers but she is stronger able to stand up to herself I think I could say that her death as Summer was necessary as she wouldn t have been able to help Decker as naive as she was in her past lifeAutumn can t shake the feeling that she has been before to the boarding school and already met some of the people who study there And what I really love is how there is a connection between her and Summer a ghost of herself her past Summer guides Autumn and tries to make her understand what her role is but it s very difficult since Autumn s memories are being blocked with magicDecker goes crazy after Summer s death and he is fooled to believe surrendering to Darkness would solve all of his problems He is trying to deal with the situation by doing immoral things and I Isola know that some people don t like this sort of characters in books but they should accept that not everybody is a role model If an author chooses to write about such things it doesn t mean that the author is setting a bad example On the contrary I could say that he or she is showing the how not The action was fast paced and I would have liked detailed descriptions of what the characters were doing and their surroundings However we get insight into the Turner family and how the magic works and that s really great since the underexplained magic was one of the things that I didn t uite like in the first book I m very hungry for thisind of things and even now I still crave to find out about everythingThere s something magical in the way Lizzy Ford writes Sometimes I wonder what ind of glue is put on the covers of her books as I can T Put Them Down Easily One Chapter put them down easily One chapter tell myself over and over You can t help falling in love with her stories and before you realise you are addicted to one or of her series Anger gives you strength to fight Love gives you the reason Autumn Storm definitely didn t suffer from seuel syndrome I couldn t put it down It was chock a block full of the same awesomeness that was Dark Summer See my review HERE There d been no escape Unable to move or cry she d been lost in the pain for days until she woke one day and decided she had to survive If she hadn t died there was a reason Something was waiting for her on the end of her recovery She just had to make it that far After spending 3 months recovering from an accident that left Autumn with severe memory loss she moves to the boarding school in Priest Lake Idaho which brings on inklings of familiarity but she can t figure out why Discovering the world of Light and Dark meeting the Masters and figuring out her own magics all while suffering constant pain eeps Autumn on her toes but she s determined to save a stranger from himself the darkness that wants to take him She just Thorns On Roses knew she had to I just wasn t sure I could fall in love any further until I met her Damn She girl is oh so tough Physically Mentally Emotionally She was pure amazing I fell in love all over again When you read it you willnow what I mean One and the same yet so different One gentle and innocent while the other was hardened by pain She has a bunch of road blocks jamming her up every which way Her mind seems broken And her body is beyond repair Does she let her luck of the draw tear her down No way not on your nelly She Matched To A Prince Happily Ever After Inc 2 knows something s up but she just doesn tnow what I love me a girl that nows her own mind His magick was compelling but terrifying like the devil offering a deepest wish without revealing the price Of course there was talk of dark and light witchings the fantabulous Dark Master of Fire and Night the trying harder Master of Light which has moved up a cover of notches since the first book and the insanely nasty Dawn that I just wanted to stab over and over with a forkMostly I just swooned into the pages that Decker and Autumn felt that tug The push and pull of something that had them both in eual turmoil confusion denial Fire tore through her evaporating what was left of her control and making the furnace in her lower stomach blaze In that Moment She Knew She D Not Just Let Him Do she new she d not just let him do he wanted she d beg him to The brothers strained relationship the amazing family binds and learning to discover yourself and love. Er’s every look sets her body on fire Caught between the twins she struggles to understand her instincts and magick while working through the pain caused by a mysterious car accident that left her disabled barely able to walkUnable to recover from Summer’s death Decker slowly surrenders to the Dark He can’t live with the pain and those around him eep Autumn’s secret too well The guilt he feels when he falls for her – and betrays Summer’s memor.
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