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[EPUB] ✼ Ascension By Brian K. Fuller – Book 1 of 4 Gen was a bard's apprentice his nimble hands meant for the lute and his voice for a song Then the half mad and completely bored Shadan Khairn invaded Gen's village to winter there and starRches for death But the day is at hand when the shattered shards of the world will knit together again and the world’s slain god be reborn The mighty Ha'Ulrich will be the father the mysterious Chalaine the mother In dangerous times the holy couple doesn't need a bard They need a warrior And Gen needs a reason to live

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Ble hands meant for the lute and his voice for a song Then the half mad and completely bored Shadan Khairn invaded Gen's village to winter there and start a war He shoved a sword in Gen's hands and tormented his body shaping a bard into a warrior to be killed for sport As the days of torture pile up like the snow Gen sea

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AscensionEPUB Ascension By Brian K Fuller Businesscurrencycouk Book 1 of 4 Gen was a bard's apprentice his nimble hands meant for the lute and his voice for a song Then the half mad and completely bored Shadan Khairn invaded Gen's village to winter there and star Book of Gen was a bard's apprentice his nim

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  • Petrik

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency Ascension355 starsGood familiar and also surprising classic fantasy take The Trysmoon Saga by Brian Fuller is a series that has been annually recommended to me by my friend co blogger—TS—for three years now I honestly don’t have any very specific reason why it took me so long to get to this one except that the TBR mountain increases at an astonishing rate; I’m glad I finally had the time to read through this one Before you start reading this book you should first know that The Trysmoon Saga series is actually one big standalone book roughly 440k words divided into four parts; Ascension is the first part You definitely shouldn

  • TS Chan

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionUpdate Rewriting my review as one which addresses the entire story across all four booksOverall rating 45 stars The Trysmoon Saga is a laudable self published fantasy by debut author Brian K FullerOne point to note is that Trysmoon is not a series but a single continuous sto

  • Kyle

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionOne of the interesting books I've read in a long time  Gen is a bard's apprentice living in a sleepy little village with his master Until one day at the beginning of winter Shadan Khaim the master swordsman and his army invades Gen's village killing anyone he deems

  • Choko

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency Ascension 425 A buddy read with the Fantasy Addicts at BBBThis is a non review just a note that since this is just a uarter of a full book not a book in a series I am planning on doing one review at the end of the fourth part Pure traditional Fantasy written very well and engaging If you are a Fantasy fan you should soooooo read itHappy reading to all

  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionWell Michael TS have been pimping this one to me for a while now so I cannot say I was surprised at how good it was Still this was better than I expected Classic fantasy with some unexpected twists this one was a slow starter but once it got going I could not stop turning the pages Be aware though that you cannot read it as a standalone This series is not four books but one book split into four And of course no book was ever split at the exact moment nothing serious happens OoRecommended

  • Michael *Windrunner*

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionI’ve been trying to make time for this book ever since my good friend TS recommended it to me I’ve learned to trust her taste and knew that I would really like this series This book did not disappointBasically I think fans of fantasy should read this book I

  • Mark Halse

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionFirst of all this is a damn fine book and series This is my third reread and the story and characters hold up nicely So what sucks about this book? Nothing really but as far as the series as a whole there is a problem The Trysmoon Saga is one book split into four separate volumes The book was obviously split up by money grubbing publishers who saw the opportunity to cash in Despite how great the story is this always bothers me Fear not It is now offered in one volume for an inflated price So what's great about this book? An awful lot This is a classic epic fantasy story which is written with the deep characterization of a modern fantasy novel Troupes abound however the story is so engrossing and the characters are so richly painted t

  • Kathleen

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionGood prophecy based fantasy series begins here featuring humans mages and a few elves plus various horrible creatures Told in 3rd person the writing is fairly solid but too many typos I read and also heard the whole series narrated superbly by Simon Vance Enjoyed itWeird names so below are brief descriptions of the planet's key places and the characters but no spoilersThe fantastical planet is named Ki'Hal Long ago this planet split apart into shards when the moon named Trys eclipsed during intense battle against Dark Elves and Orc like Uyumaak led by the treacherous elf Mikkik who murdered the divine creator Eldaloth Ancient prophecy states that a gifted child will be born of the blessed couple to defeat Mikkik once and for all to restore the spirit of Eldaloth to the lands to unveil the eclipsed moon Trys and perhaps to reconnect the splintered planetThe Prologue set long ago at the time of the Mikkikian War shows a mighty warrior named Voss We will never see Voss agai

  • Nafeeza

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency Ascension51616 BR over at BBB #Excitement Thanks for an excellent BR guys

  • Vicky

    Doc ´ Ascension ð Businesscurrency AscensionBR with the fantasy fiends over at BBBTime for a crappy uick review before I start reading Part 2 and this officially goes to my shameful pile of abandoned and never to be written reviews view spoiler Yes I’ve become a sucky reviewer these past few months RL and all that jazz hide spoiler