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[Epub] ❦ Canzoniere By Francesco Petrarca – Excerpt from Le Rime di Francesco Petrarca Restituite nell'Ordine e nella Lezione del Testo Originario Sugli Autografi Col Sussidio di Altri Codici e di Stampe e Corredate di Varianti e NoteSul terminEpub Canzoniere By Francesco Petrarca Businesscurrencycouk Excerpt from Le Rime di Francesco Petrarca Restituite nell'Ordine e nella Lezione del Testo Originario Sugli Autografi Col Sussidio di Altri Codici e di Stampe e Corredate di Varianti e NoteSul termin Excerpt from Le Rime di Francesco Petrarca Restituite nell'Ordine e nella Lezione del Testo Originario Sugli Autografi Col Sussidio di Altri Codici e di Stampe e Corredate di Varianti e NoteSul termine di uesto lavoro che mi a costato parecchi anni di fatiche e di cure sento vivissima la necessita e il dovere di esporre ai colti lettori la complessa ragione del l'opera; e a tal fine avevo gia preparato un Discorso proe minle di circa dugento pagine come ueste Senoncbe la mole de

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Vaticana e novamente additato nel dai dotti critici Pietro De Nolhac e Arturo Pakscher rivolsi principalmente su esso i miei studiAbout the PublisherForgotten books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books Find at wwwforgottenbookscomThis book is a reproduction of an important historical work Forgotten books uses state of the art technology to digitally reconstruct the work preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy In rare cases an imperfection in the original such as a blemish or missing page may be replicated in our edition We do however repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works

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CanzoniereL volume m' impedisce di stamparlo ui lo pub blichero in un altro con vari altri scritti per illustrazione di ueste Rime Vogliamo dunue perdonarmi i discreti se ui stringo il mio dire a poche notizie e conclusioni che avranno altrove gli svolgimenti e le proveA nessuno dei nostri grandi scrittori e toccata la trista sorte che al Petrarca nel Canzoniere e nei Trionfi a poco a poco disformati sempre piu nella distribuzione delle parti e nella lezione Fin dal accortomi gia per raffronti su alcuni Codici e antiche Stampe di uel deturpamento mi era messo coi miei scolari nell' Universita di Palermo a ricer che e lavori per una nuova Edizione di ueste Rime Appro fittando uindi pel Canzoniere del Codice originale esistente ormai da tre secoli nella Biblioteca

Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read Francesco Petrarca known in English as Petrarch was an Italian scholar poet and one of the earliest Renaissance humanists Petrarch is often popularly called the father of humanism Based on Petrarch's works and to a lesser extent those of Dante Alighieri and Giovanni Boccaccio Pietro Bembo in the th century created the model for the modern Italian language later endorsed by the Accadem.

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  • Justin Evans

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereA model selected poems inasmuch as it's short contains a couple of prose pieces and every single poem is worth reading This is particularly impressive inasmuch as I don't care at all about love poetry and Petrarch launched love poets than any one else ever But that's because he's so good even if his epigones are not Of the two prose pieces the 'Letter to Posterity' is less essential; Mark Musa's lovely introduction is readable and gives you the same information But 'The Ascent of Mount Ventoux' is fascinating as a self standing piece a or less fictional letter describing events that probably didn't happen obviously harking back to Dante and forward to anyone who's ever stood at the base of a mountain and thought my that's pretty as well as everyone who's ever thought that maybe they could be a better person I wasn't prepared for how approachable it was; highly recommended As

  • Emily

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereWith you dear Internet I can be brutally honest I was not in the market for a volume of Petrarch's poetry Beyond the few sonnets I had read in classes scattered throughout my liberal arts education this master of the early Italian Renaissance did not make the short list or even the long list of poets I intended to investigate further No I must admit that I was entirely seduced by Dean Nicastro's lovely cover art which graces the new David Young translation of Petrarch's Canzoniere put out by Farrar Straus Giroux Despite the Harold Bloom blurb marring the back of this beaut

  • Ivana

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereIt was fun to reread Petrarca in English Being confident that there are plenty of good reviews about this famous poetry book I don't have anything a lot to say besides simply that I enjoy Petrarca's poetry immensely When I've first read him as adolescent when I had to because of the school I used to think that he was crazy for writing a collection of poems to a women he did not know Many years later and having learn a bit about the context of his writing and I'm able to admire him for other things beside his obvious poetical genius So thank you Petrarca one of the best poets that the Renaissance knew

  • Bruce

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereToday I finished reading Petrarch’s large collection of poems entitled “Canzoniere” consisting mostly of sonnets and including canzones sestinas among my favorites the sestina being a verse form made up “of six stanzas of six lines concluding with a three line tornata that repeats all of the rhymes of the poem each stanza using six different words in end rhyme position repeated in a different end position in all six stanzas abcdeffaebdccfdabeecbfaddeacfbbdfeca” a form obviously having strict construction and a peculiar haunting effect – all this being far than you probably wanted to know and an occasional ballata There is much that could be said about this work and I am ill euipped to make profound observations or comments knowing little about the history

  • Shyam

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read Canzoniere True love—or rather the truest—is always obsessive and unreuited No one has better dramatized how it scorches the heart and fires the imagination than Petrarch did centuries ago —J D McClatchyIn 1327 at preciselythe day's first hour April 6 I entered this labyrinth and I've found no escape 211 if other lovers have a better fortune their thousand joys aren't worth one pain of mine 231 This volume comprises Petrarch's complete Il Canzoniere or Song Book; composed over 40 years and containing 366 poems of which most are in Sonnet formThe poems themselves are relatively easy to read; in contrast to his contemporary Dante and the latter's extremely dense allegory and symbolism Petrarch's poetry is a little worldly and light with any obscure symbolism and metaphors as well as textual context being helpfully explained with minimal notes in the marginsAs would be expected with a co

  • Rose

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereThe edition I have includes two letters at the start Letter to Posterity and The Ascent of Mount Ventoux They were my favorite parts because I'm not a poetry person The poetry was good too I think lots of boars in the wood and shining hair and painful devotion; I can dig it There are rumours that the Laura to whom all his

  • Christopher Manners

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzonierePetrarch is one of my favourite writers A very influential poet he was a master of expressing the sorrow of unreuited love Devoted to Laura he often employs classical myth while also conveying his deep spirituality He skillfully depicts his emotional suffering while exalting Laura’s beauty He also shows an impressive level of introspection One of his great achievements the Canzoniere continues to inspire In his Secretum it is evident that Petrarch had difficulty reconciling his ambitious uest for poetic glory with his devotion to God As the father of Renaissance humanism with its emphasis on human achievement it is worth noting that Petrarch still maintained his belief in God as evident in his other works such as The Triumphs which concludes with the poet finding solace in Eternity Many of Petrarch’s poems are available in English translati

  • Jo Walton

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereThis is a good translation and the original Italian is easily available free so they can be read together which you'll want to do because a lot of Petrarch's cleverness here is with language There's no point reading The gentle breeze the golden curls the laurel tree without realising it says L'aura l'aureo lauro or Laura Laura Laura though since most of these sonnets say Laura Laura Laura you could probably figure it out Oh that's unfair but I like Petrarch best when he is not talking about love all the time I enjoyed reading these anyway I'd recommend his letters and dialogues but there's a level of technical virtuosity in which these are stunning and were stunning to his contemporaries He was reaching

  • IrritableSatirist

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereExceptional Petrarch was a poet of a broken heart deeply tormented by the tragic side of life and love and in his poetry he vividly explores the human soul wounded The images are potent inspiring in the viewer great cathartic painAlso included in this edition are Letter to Posterity and The Ascent of Mount Ventoux which are on the nose but still containing some fine prosePetrarch was one of the greatest poets of all time His work sits comfortably next to Dante's in this regard This edition wonderfully encapsulates his greatness Highly recommended

  • Lina

    Canzoniere doc Á Paperback read CanzoniereLeft me completely breathless I'm not a huge fan of poetry nor do I enjoy love themes but the way Petrarch portrays his love towards Laura is simply heartbreaking Everyone has at least once felt in the same position as him and I don't know about anyone else but I just felt like his heart was singing the same familiar song through his sonnets