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Book µ Four Hours of Fury James Fenelon is the paratrooper turned historian of of Fury PDF/EPUB À Four Hours of Fury the untold story of Operation Varsity the American th Airborne Division’s combat jump over the Rhine River in March Fenelon’s motivation to write about this massive airdrop originated with his love of history and his time in the military He served for over a decade and is a graduate of the US Army’s Airborne Four Hours eBook ¸ Jumpma.

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  • Sweetwilliam

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury This is the type of military history book I like best I prefer books that focus on a particular campaign or battle so that the author has time to drill down to numerous firsthand accounts from the men that did the actual fighting This book is about the largest airborne assault in the history of modern warfare It is about the 20000 men of the US 17th Airborne and British 6th Airborne that jumped rode or tugged a glider or dropped supplies over the Rhine as part of Operation VARSITY The purpose of the mission was to secure the heights on the east side of the Rhine and to capture 10 bridges over the Issel River and Issel canal to prevent German counter attacks This was all to help Montgomery’s 21st Army to secure a crossing over

  • Donna Davis

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury I love good military history and so when I saw this title I reuested and received a review copy thanks to Net Galley and Scribner It’s for sale now but I can’t recommend it to you One of the first things I do when I read a new author in this genre is to check notes and sources A first rate military historian will have multiple sources for each fact cited and a reasonably good one will have a variety of sources primary sources being most desirable Fenelon doesn’t do this Much of his information hangs on a single source and often it is not well integrated This is the first time I have seen military history published by a major house that uses Wikipedia as a source

  • Glenn Coltharp

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury I received a complimentary ARC copy of this book through NetGalley from Scribner Publishing Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own Thank you to Scribner NetGalley and of course James Fenelon for the honor to receive and read an ARC of this book 4I really enjoyed reading Four Hours of Fury and about Operation Varsity the largest Airborne assault of WW2 as I wasn’t as knowledgeable about the operation as many others during WW2 Mr Fenelon does an excellent job of detailing the events of the operation for the reader The number of sources used to write this book is impressive I really appreciate the fact that the author also focused on the goal of a historian to ‘bring back the dead’ Much respect for that and how he reached out to the soldiers individually The first half of the book talks about the operation planning development and short bio’s about the soldiers about to undertake the epic batt

  • Pat

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury Fantastic book Really enjoyed it Great detail well organized many detailed maps Looking forward to his next book

  • John

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury I received an advance ebook version of this book from NetGalley and Scribner Publishing in exchange for an honest review The book details the events of Operation Varsity on March 24 1945 the largest airborne opera

  • patrick Lorelli

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury This WWII book is about Operation Varsity an allied paratrooper assault which included the US 17th Airborne and also the British 6th Airborne It would be the largest paratrooper landing in WWII with the objective being the Northern part of the Rhine River with its bridges and towns forcing the Germans from the North and South especially after the Battle of the Bulge The first part of the book goes into the planning and details of the mission How Montgomery wanted Ridgeway to be the American commander and who Ridgeway fought not to but was ordered Them how he would disagree with Montgomery on when the jump should take place and other items as wellThe second part of the book is about the jump into the different drop zones different battles that took place and the gallant and sometimes heroic effort to make sure that what was planned was succeeded I found all of this book to be very informative especially since none of the information

  • Casey Wheeler

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury This book is well written and researched I have read a great deal about World War II but this is the first that I have read about the 117th Airborne Division and their role in the impending conclusion of World War II in Europe The first half of the book details the events leading up to the four hours of fury and the various decisions good and bad that made it successful and not as successful as it could have been The second half focus on the four hours and the heroic efforts of the men of the 117th to make it a successI recomend this book for those looking for information on the events of World War II that have not been covered in detail elsewhereI received a free Kindle copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher with the understanding that I would post a review on Net Galley Goodreads and my fiction book review blog I also posted it to my Facebook and Twitter pages

  • Clive Gerrard

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury An exciting read for a non fiction account of the largest airborne assault of World War II Operation Varsity Its told with passion and is thoroughly researched I was gripped from the first page and found I couldn't put the book down so engrossed was I in the courageous exploits of the various platoons and divisions and the sacrifice of the individuals involved It is told from a very American viewpoint with the British and Canadian involvement very much underplayed and even at times uite insulting in its lack of respect for those troops as their sacrifice was no less important in the outcome of the overall battle And this I felt was a real oversight by the author and did take away some of my enjoyment of the account hence only 4 stars when it should have e

  • Anna

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury Really good book and was easy to read I liked the details the author gave and all the research he did

  • Klobetime

    Book µ Four Hours of Fury Four Hours of Fury Operation VARSITY was the largest single day airborne drop in history and