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[Epub] ❧ Sapphire By Rosemary Rogers – NOT EVEN LOVE COULD STOP HER Despite her privileged life in the sultry paradise of Martiniue the beautiful and daring Sapphire Fabergine will never be satisfied until she claims the honor and legitimaEpub Sapphire By Rosemary Rogers Businesscurrencycouk NOT EVEN LOVE COULD STOP HER Despite her privileged life in the sultry paradise of Martiniue the beautiful and daring Sapphire Fabergine will never be satisfied until she claims the honor and legitima NOT EVEN LOVE COULD STOP HER Despite her privileged life in the sultry paradise of Martiniue t

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OusinConvinced Sapphire is determined to bring about his ruin Blake kidnaps her and sails back to America where he presents her with a choice become his mistress or serve him as a maid in his waterfront mansion Without means in this unfamiliar land Sapphire is trapped But she will not compromise her uest for honor so easily not even for the man she has come to desire

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SapphireHe beautiful and daring Sapphire Fabergine will never be satisfied until she claims the honor and legitimacy that has been denied her Sapphire sails to London to confront the aristocratic family who had disowned her before she was even born only to find that her father is dead and that his title has passed to Blake Thixton an attractive yet loathsome distant American c

Download Book É Sapphire There is than one author with this nameRosemary Jansz Navaratnam Rogers KadisonRosemary Jansz was born on December in Panadura Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka she was the oldest child of Dutch Portuguese settlers Barbara Allan and Cyril Jansz Her father was a wealthy educator who owned three posh private schools She was raised in colonial splendor dozens of servants no work s.

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  • KatieV

    Download Book É Sapphire Sapphire2 stars because it was stupid enough to be slightly amusingThere were 2 things wrong with this book well a lot but I don't have all day#1 It should have been written 30 years ago during the height of the bodice ripper era when it could have been done right#2 Zero emotional depthI've never read a Rosemary Rogers so perhaps I missed her at her height Problem is I can't stomach the idea of reading her previous 35 novels about the adventures of a chronic man ho Steve and his dysfunctional onoff relationship with Ginny I know some find them great fun but my tolerance for cheating is almost nil I say almost because now and again I get talked into reading one with a one off cheat Usually I'm convinced that I can get past it because the H is SOOOOO sorry and he pays for it dearly etc etc In this case I got past it because I just didn't care Plus I think he did the reuired losing weight and getting dark circles under his eyes gigThis was the shell of a good o

  • Rose

    Download Book É Sapphire Sapphirehard work does not a heroine makefor those of you who are whatthefck ing right now let me explainwhen i am looking for romance novels i want there to be some actual romance in them not a lot of bullshit about mistresses who arent the heroine and scrubbing floors and rough hands and chamber pots that flushit does not become

  • Danielle

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireMy favorite by Rosemary Rogers i have all her books and this one is the best so far

  • Sabrina Rabideau

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireGod I just love this book I started loving historical romances because of this book I just love Sapphire but she kind of makes me lose some respect for her when they get to Blake's house view spoilerI don't like how she says she won't be his mistress yet she still sleeps with him She's doing the same thing a mistress would but just not acknowledged for it So instead of sleeping with him like she's doing ANYWAYS and getting a bed a house of servants to run going to parties and galas getting fancy clothes jewelry and gifts from Blake like a mistress would she sleeps with him and is his maid WHAT LOGIC IS THIS hide spoiler

  • Pam

    Download Book É Sapphire Sapphire111905 #203TITLEAUTHOR SAPPHIRE by Rosemary RogersRATING 4BGENREPUB DATE# OF PGS Historical Romance 2005 473 pgsCOMMENTS Sapphire has led a privil

  • Shannon

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireI love the endless chase that never got old I love the heroine who fights for what she deserves

  • BRNTerri

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireI really liked this It's a mild bodice ripper and if I didn't know better I'd have thought it was from thirty years ago and that's meant as a compliment The time span is about a year maybe a little Sapphire is living with her father Armand adopted sister Angeliue a true tramp who's one year older than Sapphire and her dead mother's friend Lucia in the French West Indies Sapphire is twenty with auburn hair and one blue and one green eye She learns of her true parentage including her mother Sophie's shady past so she sets sail for England with Angeliue and Lucia to claim what's hers Blake is a very successful merchant He's ten or so years older than her his age isn't given but Sapphire thinks he's 10 12 years older than herself with dark hair He's from Bost

  • Sherily

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireSlow paced historical romanceSapphire is a strong independent young lady She is trying to be recognized as her blood father's daughter but has no written legal proof The man who becomes heir to her father doesn't believe her The attraction he has for her leads him to kidnap her and take her from London to America with him During their long journey she finds herself attracted to him However because he doesn't believe her he forces her to choose between being his mistress or working as his house maid She is prideful and chooses to work Sapphire then decides she can't stand to not be believed and so she leaves on her own Slow paced romance develops between these two stubborn prideful couple I like that Sapphire stands her ground and doesn't take the easy way She proves her own independence True love finds its way

  • Sherrine Hunt-Dupre

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireALWAYS WORTH READING ROSEMARY ROGERSI have not been disappointed yet by Ms Rogers Her characters are always interesting and I always have trouble putting down her books A very good read

  • Claudia Glatz Papke

    Download Book É Sapphire SapphireThe story plays in historical London and Boston I liked how the Female main Character Sapphire is staying true to herself and is always coming out ahead of situations It was a nice book and I enjoyed reading it